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About Matt Cooper

matt300-3Born into the world of boats and sailing, Matthew A. Cooper started his craft while still a young boy on Cape Cod. He came up “through the hawse pipe” and formed his skills through observation and doing. Matt’s father, William B. Cooper, was a deep water sailor who took up the art of boatbuilding. While still a teenager Matt helped his father in building and maintaining wooden boats. In his twenties he broadened his experience by working for other builders in Massachusetts and Maryland. His boatbuilding experience includes several wooden power boats, Dick Newick designed trimarans, an aluminum maxi racing sailboat, and a trimaran of his own design.

Always interested in marine design and seeing the wave of the future, in the 1980s Matt taught himself computer drafting and eventually melded his artistic eye with the technology of Computer Assisted Drafting.

Although Matt has several small boat designs to his credit he’s also developed a series of boat prints for display as well as custom renderings. He is, in short, a boatbuilder turned draftsman and artist.

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