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About our plans

On one fine day in May, at the age of 12, I went out to the shop to perform my usual chores, My father approached me and said, “Matty (He always called me Matty) it’s time you had a boat of your own.” We proceeded to the local lumber yard and bought two sheets of ¼” AC plywood and a couple of pieces of spruce strapping When we got back to the shop, he put his plan into action.

At the end of the day, there stood a 7 foot pram. My response was “I like it Dad, but it doesn’t have any oarlocks”. He said, “It’s a sculler, You will need to learn to scull”. “It will also need a name. You can’t launch a boat without a name”, “I want to name it Bulldog”, I decided.

I owned “Bulldog” for about 30 years. It was used as a dive boat, fishing boat, lobster boat and a great tender. I’ll never forget how fast it went together. It has influenced my design work ever since. Boats don’t need to be complicated to be useful. They also don’t need to be ugly to be economical to build.

Our designs reflect this. I hope you like what we are offering, and are looking forward to the others that we plan to add in the future.
Matt Cooper

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