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February 2015

It’s Winter in New England

February 2015

So here we are in February 2015. The weather people are saying that this the worst winter in decades, but actually it is relatively normal. The Farmer’s Almanac predicted it so it should not be a surprise to anyone who follows it.

It reminds me of the winter of 1981 when I was a caretaker of a big old summer house in Oak Bluffs on Martha’s Vineyard. The house had no heat and no insulation. I lived in the kitchen with the oven on and had to run the water to keep the pipes from freezing.

But I also had a great view of Nantucket Sound from the sun porch, and remember gazing out and seeing a solid sheet of ice. Some of the guys were quohogging though the ice in the harbor. The Coast Guard Icebreakers where keeping the channel open from Woods Hole to the Islands. It was a fourteen hour trip from Woods Hole to Nantucket and six hours to Vineyard Haven.

This is when I usually start reading “Moby Dick”. I love to sit in front of the stove with one of my favorite books. I figure by the time I am finished, it will be Spring. I never thought the winter of ’81 would end, but it did and we survived.

Matt Cooper

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