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January 2015

After three years of hearing “So, do you a have Web Site?” and having to say, “No not yet”, we finally got one up and running. It is a lot more work than you think, designing the Site Map, getting all of the graphics and text organized, and hiring a WebMaster to set up all the links for the Shopping Cart.

Now that we have a sturdy foundation, we can start to build the house. We will be adding a lot more to the site in the near future. We are including a Boats Plans Section, which makes available some of the designs that my brother and I have created over the years and are suitable for the amateur builder. They have all been built and tested and are ready for your enjoyment.

We will be adding more art prints on a regular basis, including a new Classic Power Page. There will also be a section on the history of our family and how we got here from there. This will also include short stories and interesting articles on the subject of sailing, boatbuilding and the history of yacht design.

Finally, we are planning to offer stock and custom tee shirts using the same drawings as the prints in either color or black & white line graphics. These make great gifts for your crew. They can also be personalized with your boat name, sail number and logo.
We have a busy show schedule set up for this year.
Try to visit us at one of the following Trade Shows:

Feb 6-8 The Cape Cod Boatbuilder’s, Show Hyannis, MA.
Mar 21-22 The Maine Boatbuilder’s, Show Portland, ME.
Jun 26-28 The Wooden Boat Show, Mystic, CT.
Jul 4-5 The Newbedford Folk Festival, Newbedford, MA.
Jul 18-19 The Warren Art Festival, Warren, RI.
Aug 6-9 The Lake Champlain Maritime Festival, Burlington, VT.
Aug 14-16 The Maine Boats, Homes and Harbors Show, Rockland, ME.
Aug 22-23 The Antique and Classic Boat Festival, Salem, MA.
Sept 26-27 The Newbedford Waterfront Festival, Newbedford, MA.

Show dates are subject to change as they have not all been scheduled. As you can see, it’s going to be a busy and interesting year. Our goal is to provide high quality products and services to the boating public at a reasonable cost. We will do our best to achieve that.

Thank you for your interest and taking the time to explore our new site. Your feedback is important to us, so please, feel free to make any comments, ask questions, or make suggestions in the contact section.

Matt Cooper

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