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March 2015

As I’m sure most of you know, here in New England we had a winter more severe than anyone can remember. The snow and ice are finally receding and perhaps we’ll see a crocus in bloom soon. The winter ducks have moved on and the squirrels somehow survived. Now that the water is liquid again it’s time to start thinking about preparing the boats (I said “think”) for another season. Admittedly you don’t need a dinghy when you can walk out to your moored boat, but that convenience is quickly melting away.

Our snowed in designers have been sketching new projects, partly to pass the time but mostly to come up with new products you might appreciate. I recently read a woodworking blog where the author stated in short, that it’s more important that what we build be well designed than it be well built. In other words if something is a good design you can overlook some sloppy craftsmanship but if it’s a bad design the best workmanship won’t save it. Although I was trained to always build things well I have to agree that without good design it’s kinda all for not. You could say our office motto should be, “Don’t take design lightly!” I hope we don’t but you can be the judge. Although we do design boats you can build our art prints allow you to admire the excellent, and legendary, designs of the past on a daily basis, even when you’re snowed in.

Doug Cooper

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