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DC-10 Boat Building Manual


How much skill is required to build this boat? In the same way that anyone who can read can cook, anyone who can grasp dimensioned technical drawings and is willing to follow these instructions can build a DC-1O. A minimal familiarity with hand tools, driving screws, cutting to length and other basic woodworking skills is assumed. This should probably not be the very first woodworking project that a person attempts, but any previous experience with bookshelves or a doghouse, or anything similar should provide enough background. With this manual, you'll be well on your way!

Building a DC-1O is a satisfactory project for those who intend to work on it for an hour or two for a number of evenings. The boat is built with the screw and glue method. Parts are screwed together for alignment and clamping only until the epoxy has cured. Almost all of the screws used are removed from the finished assembly. This manual systematically breaks down the construction process into a series of steps that consist of fitting parts, applying epoxy, screwing the parts together and waiting for the epoxy to cure. Purchase the manual today and you'll be sailing around in your very own DC-10 in no time at all!



Downloading Instructions

Upon purchasing the DC-10 manual via PayPal, there will be a link to bring you to the website’s download page. Within that page, you will find a blue colored link that will allow you to instantly download the 36 page file.

If you miss the link on the website, there will be another download link provided on your receipt that will be emailed to you immediately after purchase. If you experience any problems at all, just send us an email and we’ll take care of the issue.


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