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The Reliance Project

Only superlatives adequately describe RELIANCE, until the twenty-first century, the largest single-masted vessel ever built. Her topmast sprit towered 199 feet 6 inches above the water; it took sixty-six men to race her; there was enough square footage in her sails for eight modern 12-Metre boats; her mainsheet measured 1,000 feet in length (it was rolled up on a drum below deck); and she carried over 100 tons of lead ballast in her keel. A marvel of engineering, RELIANCE has lived on as a most appropriate logo for the Herreshoff Marine Museum.
– Maynard Bray and Carlton Pinheiro – Herreshoff of Bristol

On the 110th Anniversary of the original RELIANCE, the Herreshoff Marine Museum is building a one-sixth scale museum-quality model of RELIANCE. The finished model will be 33’ in length and more than 37’ in height. It will be a fully-rigged static model with sails and will become the Museum’s cornerstone to display and educate visitors on the beauty of these large, extreme boats and Capt. Nat’s advanced engineering design and manufacturing competency.

A core group of volunteers are currently building spars nd detailed parts to include casting bronze fittings. If you wish to be part of the team, volunteers are welcomed for:

* Material-parts-construction researcher/ procurement
* Engineering support
* Sail maker and apprentices
* Rigger and apprentices
* Wood worker and apprentices
* Metal worker and apprentices
* Resin caster and apprentice
* Manufacturing & technology researcher
* Communication
* Displays and exhibits

A large number of people around the globe have expressed interest in our Project. The Museum invites you to participate in our “Reliance Interest Group,” either to keep abreast of progress or to contribute your insight. We believe your participation in the Group whether as cheerleader or contributor will be important for our success.

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